PARTGO – Digital and Critical Views on Public Art Pedagogy
Project Overview
The project “PARTGO – Digital and Critical Views on Public Art Pedagogy” aimed at increasing knowledge and skills of public art, developing new study modules, and integrating public art into the curricula of the participating art colleges.
The main objective of PARTGO was collaborative development of public art pedagogy. The partnership aimed at enhancing students’ skills in creating sustainable and insightful public artworks and abilities to participate in public art competitions. Public art gives many artists work and earning opportunities.
The participating students and teachers worked in international teams to learn new methods and approaches on public art. During the project, the partners planned and executed a background study about public art, implemented pilot study modules and made artworks in various sites, learn new techniques and ways of collaboration with the public. The activities of the project were affected by the covid-19 pandemic, and the first two pilot study modules were arranged mainly online.
The artworks, either permanent or temporary, are the very concrete results of the project. Transnational collaboration enriched the co-operation on local sites within the pilot course modules.
The PARTGO learning environments implemented the idea of an ”extended academy” which meant that they spread outside the art colleges into real-life collaborations and public engagement. The participating students gained experiences of different international cases and clients during the project. PARTGO worked in close collaboration with KampusART, which is a significantly large-scale public art program of the new TUAS campus building in Kupittaa, Turku.
The PARTGO partners were four higher education institutions in the fields of art and media from Finland (Turku University of Applied Sciences/Art Academy, TUAS), Ireland (National College of Art and Design, NCAD), Hungary, (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, MOME) and Estonia (Estonian Academy of Arts, EKA). The project was funded by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in 2019-2022. The total external funding was 296 888 €.
PARTGO Timeline
PartGo Timeline Graph